24 March 2011

il gattino Luigi

Longing to climb a tree, chase a lizard, feel the grass under his paws, harrass a bird, inspect local gardens -- he tries to escape every single time we open a door. When he is denied,  he sits at the open window (as pictured) and talks to us with soft pleas or, worse, cries, howls, moans at the door when someone exits. Today I checked that his tail wasn't caught because he was so dramatic in his chatter.

I have a feeling it won't be long before our indoor-only kitty becomes an indoor/outdoor kinda guy. Let's hope Luigi is ready for what lurks in the paese; it ain't always nice.


  1. haha, the poor guy. The prison style fence bars are a nice touch.

  2. Goodness? Is he that much of a baby? You had to check to see if he was hurt? I suppose when he's lived outdoors for a time...We've got it good with Kitty. He doesn't try to get out. He's a wimp.

  3. Leslie. . he longs for the life he once knew, on the streets. LOL. There are some serious contenders in the neighborhood -- both strays and outside kitties.

    It did remind me of a prison, too :)

  4. Let the kitty free as long as he doesn't have his claws clipped. Our cats were always outdoor/inside cats. They love the freedom. Though if you live were there is a lot of traffic maybe not. Maybe the balcony is a perfect spot for him.