02 April 2011

april 2 list

:: My days of paper scrapbooking have passed; however, I do like Ali's "Conversation with Simon" layout idea and plan to conduct a similar interview, in print and on video, with my girl soon. She is almost 7. How did that happen?

:: Booked it. Looking forward to June.

:: Delighted that Young One likes "Chicken Fried" the best of all the new songs on her player. "It reminds me of Louisiana, Mamma." I try so dang much to keep that connection.

:: Cherry blossoms arrive in the paese this weekend. Simply incredible.

I led the girls on a hike to the hidden waterfall after school yesterday.
Really, I just wanted to photograph them among the blossoms

:: Eleanora from Aglio, Olio, and Peperoncino created an exhaustive list of Italian / English seafood translations. Love it.

:: Wave at the Bus Guy  How can you not adore this man?

:: Though I'm not in the design industry, I do deal with the publication of a yearbook.  This site has me in stitches -- Clients from Hell.

:: Who is your favorite character from Swamp People? The favorite in our house from season one is Troy Landry, hands down.  Undoubtedly, the favorite episode is the one when "Italy Guy" visits Cajun Country. (Yes, I let my six year old watch this. It's part of my desperation to keep the connection. Bad parenting? Probably.)

:: I'm off to photograph a softball game early on a Saturday morning. Looks like it'll be a gorgeous Veneto day. (I'm attempting to tell you about the good ones as much as I do the bad ones.)


Have a lovely weekend!  I hope to find time to continue the stories of education and pizza this week.


  1. Too bad I will be to pregant to travel. That looks like a splendid place to spend June. Lucky you!

  2. Wow, the agriturismo holiday looks amazing. So jealous! How much does it cost to rent one of those rooms? I didn't see any prices on the site.

  3. Hi Haley,
    Email me and I'll share the details: danalynkeller @ gmail . com