04 April 2011


Lumignano Stream

Spring brings colors and scents and brighter moods to the paese, and she also brings water to the creek beds that have lain dry all winter long. And what six-year-old do you know who can resist tossing stones into a flowing stream? By the end of the visit to the water, these two eager girls were displaying unimaginable feats of strength by heaving boulders into the middle of the tiny creek. Spring does that to people.


  1. love this photo. what a classic of childhood! streams and kids go together like...er...peanut butter and jelly! not clever enough to think of something better right now. :)

  2. looks like M has found a good girl friend!

  3. That's clever enough for me :)
    And Francesca, it's even better that she lives right next door!
    Thanks, Emily.

  4. I have an-almost-two-year-old who loves to throw stones in the water and since the river is so close-by, my hubby and her take a walk down there every day to "see the cat and throw stones" (like she says :) )

    Indeed today I realized how GREEN everything is! And tomorrow and day after tomorrow I will live in a fairy-tale (because now it's raining) - everything is going to be sooooo beautiful! Needless to say - I love spring!

  5. It looks like you had a great day of spring photos. The girls were such cooperative models for you :-)

  6. The green of spring is glorious in this photo.