23 May 2011

climbing up, up, up

climbing up
climbing up 5
climbing up5
climbing descent2
m and volunteer

We live in the shadow of famous (at least in local climbing circles) rock-climbing cliffs, and, finally, Young One had her chance to try it out this weekend. Simply ... she was awesome! She scaled a wall that was nearly 50 feet, mostly on her own -- several times. She was strong and brave and confident and determined. She was also cautious and deliberate in her moves. It wasn't easy for her, especially the descent, but she worked through it. I love that.

The event took place a short walk from our front door and was organized by a group who calls these rocks home. Skilled climbers volunteered their time and experience to provide the opportunity for young people in conjunction with our local pea festival. I love that, too.


  1. Wow! She is one brave and tough cookie. Most girls or boys her age would be way to scared to climb to the top!

  2. Simply "WOW"!!! She is amazing. xo

  3. She looks like a skilled and natural born rock climber...When are we going to see you climbing those rocks? Come on mama...young one may delight in you joining her on this kind of venture...

  4. She did amaze us.
    And Liz, you will likely never see me climbing rocks.... but then again, never say never, right!
    Today she asked when she could go again.

  5. She is amazing! Way to go! :)

    This is awesome! Both my husband and I used to rock-climb and this would be so much fun to do.

  6. Way to go!! That is so cool!!! I love rock climbing and have only climbed on the indoor walls - this makes me want to go scale a cliff!

  7. Oh wow - - - she's GREAT! Got me beat, I MIGHT, if I worked real hard at it, be able to get one foot up off the ground and onto the rock face.

  8. Wow... she is so brave! Great job! How neat that the skilled climbers volunteered to teach like that. What a wonderful experience! Great shots! :)

  9. What a great experience for kids at that age - it teaches them that they can do anything they want, less fear - and really expands their worlds! Brava!