22 May 2011

we all survived, happily. kinda.

There is The Hangover, and then there is "The Sleepover." The bachelor party and the first multiple child sleepover. Both rites of passage in their own way. Both equally exciting. Let's face it: both potentially disastrous.

The room will never be the same again.

Before the last girl left our house Saturday, the room was once again tidy. I only asked them to straighten the room once. Of course, I haven't opened the closet doors, yet.

Happy Sunday!


  1. Please appreciate that from the looks of it the girls were playing dress-up and dolls. Too soon they will be trying on make-up and talking about boys.

  2. True, so true. They were playing dress-up -- the longest running favored activity with friends in my house. They were also playing dolls with those oh-so-special American Girl dolls.

  3. These are the moments she will always remember...that you let her have her friends over,and the great time they had playing dress up and dolls...And as Michelle said,"it won't be long before they are putting on makeup and talking to/about boys...Yikes...Kudos to you for letting them have a hay day in that room...its just stuff, and its not forever...

  4. I wish I could say that it went off without a hitch, and while it was mostly peaceful, there were some problems by about 11 the next day -- due to bossy & sleepy children. Lesson learned -- 10 am pick up time :)

  5. That room looks exactly like it should be during a sleepover: children playing, and having fun.

  6. Oh my goodness, it is a long long time since we hosted one of those.