04 June 2011

his silver trumpet

trumpet man

He says that it's not like riding a bike: after years of not playing, you do lose your chops. I thought his rendition of "that song they play before the movies at the theater on post" as requested by Young One, was beautifully executed. We later learned that without the mute and with open windows, even the neighbor several doors down enjoyed the tune in the early afternoon, even though her Italian ears didn't recognize the American national anthem. 

m watching r trumpet
soft focus trumpet

Isn't it interesting how something that once totally encompassed you, like mastering a brass instrument through hours upon hours of practice and study and lessons and rehearsals and recitals over years and years, from middle school throughout university and far beyond, can become no more than a fond memory, a fleeting thought, a glimpse of who you once were?

We grow. We change. We evolve.
And then . . . we return.
Are do we?

I know he misses it & I'm hoping for an eventual music resurrection with the youngest family member. I think he might be, too.

Is there music in your life?


  1. Great pics! Yes, I do love music - I write lyrics and my hubby + boys play piano. Gives a fantastic addition to quality of life! :-)

  2. I am a singer, but haven't trained for years. I would love to get back to it, but I think it might be a couple more years. I wish I could play an instrument.

  3. Greetings from Aviano! :)

  4. i've tried and failed numerous times to learn an instrument... it's one of my big regrets. I just kept getting bored when I got to the part about learning to read music. :P

  5. hi Mira! nice to see you here :)

    I can't do it either . . . not even a little. It'll be their "thing," to be sure.

  6. It's very interesting to visit your world!
    There is music in our family too.
    My husband plays the guitar and writes songs. But the songs of my daughter are even better than her father's ones.
    I wish music never abandon you.