09 June 2011

interview with my girl on the occasion of being seven

I'm loving this interview with Young One. Though I could painstakingly recreate this Photoshop document that I first saw here, I instead purchased Cathy's template available at Designer Digitals, tweaked the size a bit and uploaded it to my favorite printer, Mpix ... all in a fraction of the time it would take me to copy someone else's work ;)  She has lots of other cool templates that I hope to find time to work with this summer. I love her clean and simple style.)

It's now displayed nicely in a 8x10 frame. Easy, peasy memory keeping...just my speed. Makes a great gift, too :)

PS. Just in case you are new here and don't know me well, don't know my humor: I wouldn't copy someone else's work.


  1. oh, i LOVE it!!!! i think i might have to go get that template myself. and am reminded that i never posted niamh's 5th birthday interview video. shoot. i'm all out of whack over here. but anyway--though i like the video, a hard copy would probably be a very wise thing to have.

    happy belated 7th birthday to madelyn!!!!

  2. What a doll! Happy birthday to her! I wish I could fly, too!

    And thanks for the link to Designer Digitals, looks useful.

  3. Nice interview, photos and replies. I could live on salami (and red wine - hey, I haven't been 7 in a long time!) if it were allowed. Those templates look way too difficult for me, I'm afraid, just figuring out what's what would take me a whole day!

  4. That is wonderful! Thank you for sharing!

  5. Emily -- The Interview idea originally came from you. I was happy to run across the template. I hope to do a video interview soon, too. Post Niamh"s!

    Thanks Daisey and Saretta! It is a useful site that I hope to explore more.

    Francesca - not difficult at all. I bet you are a fast learner, anyway :)

  6. Fantastic! I always intend to do these interviews with my kids, but then I always forget. Maybe next year I'll do one though...I'll remember that cute template!

    Happy Birthday, Madelyn!

  7. oh my goodness...i am going 'copy' you as well. what a fantastic idea and keepsake!

  8. This is lovely, just what I needed to brighten my morning, wish I had done something like this with my girls.