17 June 2011

one down, infinity to go

We measure time mostly in terms of school years in this family, so June and July are often a time of more reflection than December for us. Hey, Richard and I have been on this school schedule since kindergarten, what would you expect?

happy girl
First Day of First Grade: Two Thumbs Up
September 2010
So, our little rascal has completed her first year in the great big ol' world of school. The thought of the years of study ahead of her exhausts me, but, luckily and rightfully (and thankfully), she is a ready and willing little student, who has even eagerly begun her summer homework book. The potential is grand for this girl, as in wide-open, the-sky-is-the-limit, the-world-is-her-oyster, her-future's-so-bright-she-gotta-wear-shades.

Know what I mean?
Boy, is that exciting!

miss m
Last Day of First Grade: Lavender Bouquet for La Maestra
June 2011

Summer break began last week for her and finally begins today for me. Hooray! (Yes, that's something worth cheering about in these parts.)

Last year at this time I wrote her a letter, summing up her year from my point of view and even posted it here on the blog. I wrote another this year but have decided to keep it just for her; it seems more intimate to me. . . today, at least.  I'll tuck it into her pile of notebooks along with the pagella (report card) and stash it away for her to find someday.  Hopefully it'll be a perfectly-timed discovery . . . long after the onset of the evil monster of adolescence. Boy, won't that be exciting! Adolescence with a girl.

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  1. Adolescence with a girl will be fun - I had a wonderful time with my mom (and sisters) back then! hmm, maybe I should ask my mom what her memories of that time are:)
    Happy summer, Dana!