04 September 2011

La Zucca

pumpkin2 pumpkin fest pumkin girl pumpkin3 pumpkin 1


Pretty & Delish
What else do you need on a Friday night in the nearby paese?

I suppose this means Fall is upon us.
 I wish that Mother Nature would turn down the thermostat a bit.
Can we say "Heat Wave"?


  1. Oh, so sad we didn't go last night. Beautiful photos!
    We ended up in Torri di Arcugnano.

  2. THanks, Daisey. This was a very good one, with pumpkin-stuffed tortelli. We went back Saturday just for the pasta ;)
    What's on for next weekend?

  3. Yummy! Tortelli with pumpkin. Pumpkin season starts soon here though it certainly doesn't feel like fall.

  4. We were there just a week ago! :) Looks it was interesting!

  5. Nice! Was that a Sagra di Zucca? Do you know if there's a specific word for pumpkin? Because everywhere I've looked they just keep calling it all "squash".

  6. I'm not real sure Haley. I, too, just use the default word of "zucca," much in the same way I use "melone."

  7. Ha! I love it! This has to be the best possible way to welcome fall!

  8. Ciao Dana. In italiano, "zucca" (se ci si riferisce al frutto - il vostro 'pumpkin') non ha sinonimi*. Ogni dialetto però ha il suo termine (ad esempio si dice "cossa" in piemontese, "zùca" in veneto, "söca" in bresciano, ecc...).

    (*)= se invece con 'zucca' ci si riferisce ad una persona un pò stupida, allora i sinonimi abbondano! :)

  9. I figured as much. I've never really paid much attention to it, but this weekend I did look . . . and "zucca" was pretty much all I found.

    I suppose you mean a head like a piece of squash . . . which is pretty dang dense, really!