02 September 2011

Summer Camp (with Italians)

Old Fashioned Summer Camp

Centro Estivo // Summer Camp

When I picked them up Friday afternoon, they excitedly proclaimed:  "We are Indians! We are Indians!"

I noticed the rest of the tribe and a couple of chiefs flitting about -- painted faces, feathers and headbands, bows and arrows;  I mumbled something in Italian about Native Americans, Indigenous Peoples, First Nations People.

They just screamed louder: "Siamo Indiani! Siamo Indiani! Siamo Indiani!"

Sometimes, you just have to go with the flow in the moment and save the lesson for later.  Political correctness is an American phenomenon, at least as it pertains to old school cowboys and Indians in Italy.



  1. A little political correctness and less ignorance wouldn't hurt here - in my boy's history book (II media), Indians were referred to as "i pellerossa".

  2. I hear you!!!! PC just doesn't exist here, hard to keep my frustration from bubbling up in those moments, but the photos are great and the activity must have been fun.

  3. he girls had a great time, but it was more than just a little awkward for me. I tried to say something about it to the girls in Italian hoping that nearby adults would at least hear me. I think my efforts were futile, though. My only consolation is that the Indians were not the "bad guys."