06 October 2011

a celebrity visits

The Scene:
I'm taking a picture of my friend Tina
who is taking a picture of her daughter with her friends
who are being embraced by a rather famous taker of pictures
who gave an inspirational talk at our school.

Later Tina shared with me that her camera malfunctioned and she didn't get the shot.
That's why you never saw it on Facebook ;)
Alas, you can say you saw it here!

Think he might like my picture of him? Poor guy wore a fancy Italian suit in a high school gym with a weak air conditioning system during an unseasonably warm Fall.  Do you think I feel sorry for him? 
Nah. Let him earn his tagline of "I support the troops on tour with the USO." Really now.


  1. Nigel Barker? What the? That is too funny!

  2. How sad that your friend missed the shot!

  3. Oh, that's too bad! It's cool that he came to the school though. I wish Tim Gunn would do a USO tour. Maybe then they'd play Project Runway on AFN...

  4. It was indeed kinda funny. Let's just say that he was less than inspiring to most high school kids (and their teachers). I'm sure he is an interesting, talented man, but he's not cut out to address a gym of 250 students for an hour. He talked a lot about himself, but his story is not one that inspires me.
    Now. . . if we could have had a photography talk with a small group, that would have been perfect.