07 October 2011

horses: puppazi and living ones


Puppazi get lots of play time in our house, often more than any other toys that fill the closets and shelves. This week, Lisa, a horse who has been around for several years, was the protagonist of the stories and songs. Hence, we've heard lots of whinnies and neighs. Lots. I'm hearing them in my sleep. Help me. I guess it's better than if the chosen puppazo were a pig. Oink.

Trail Riding in Arkansas Trail Riding
Trail Riding in Arkansas

We went for a bit of a trail ride when we visited Arkansas with my family this summer. (Yes, we visited Arkansas, on vacation.) Young One still remembers her horse, Cloud, who also appeared in the stories of the week. Oddly, there was no naked-belly, sandal-clad, horse-riding heroine who arrived to save the day. Just lots of whinnies and neighs. Lots. Help me.

Happy Weekend to You. Fall has finally arrived in the Veneto & we plan to soak up every moment of it this three-day weekend.


  1. You inspire me to blog about My Little Ponies at our house. God help me. Lots.

  2. Love that pony faze! I begged and begged my parents to get me a horse, no such luck.

  3. Oh, Michelle, for the love of My Little Pony! They are stashed for now, but there was a time that they invaded our very beings and lurked in every nook and cranny in our house and cars.

    Kelleyn, And I can assure you that Young One will have no such luck, either ;)