25 October 2011

conversations with young one

grape leaf m on bike

During the drive home after school yesterday:

"Mamma, if you sit in the back of the class, in the very last row, then you can sleep while the teacher is talking so much."



The homework last night was to find a leaf, so we took a little walk about the paese after arriving home. 
How do you like the fabulous grape leaf she selected?

Then I put her to bed early.


A friend once asked me, in honest disbelief, "If not the teachers' kids, then who?" as we shared stories of a certain couple of teachers' kids who had made some very bad choices in the realm of education.

We are both educators ... we do have a reputation to uphold. Get some zzzzz's little girl.

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  1. Just wondering, do you feel pressure for you child to do well at school given you are an educator? My husband does especially when his coworkers brag about what schools they are going too!

  2. Kelleyn,
    I'm not sure I would call it pressure. As the child of an educator and, now, the mother of one, I know that many in the community have certain expectations of us . . . sort of look to us to set the example . . . like the comment my friend made.

    I'm not one to be bothered much about all of that nonesense; my comment was a bit tongue-in-cheek.

    It would be slightly embarassing to receive a phone call that my child was sleeping in class, especially knowing how many of those I've made over the years & how I generally give parents the credit for that problem. (Yikes. . .did I write that?)