23 October 2011

saturday morning with madonna

dance collage

my girl

We tried to convince her to enroll in a ballet class a couple of weeks ago, even insisted that she attend at least one lesson in the basement/gym of the elementary school down the street. And she did, begrudgingly, and immediately afterwards refused, adamantly, to enroll, opting to keep with her non-competitive gymnastics instead.

Of course.
A girl who loves vintage Madonna this much on a Saturday morning ain't exactly cut out for ballet.
Is she?

Don't tell her teacher, Sister Maria Elisa, but "Like a Prayer" is her favorite Madonna tune.
Oh, the scandal.
Life is a mystery.


  1. There is nothing to say except that I love it--even when she is praying.


  2. I think she and Bear should get together and share some dance moves. He hasn't heard any Madonna, but he loves Carbon Leaf. In fact, "dance time" is the current bribing tool for homework.

  3. Who needs ballet class when you're already fantastic? I love this whole series!

  4. Gee, I wonder did little Miss find the Madonna music among her mommies things? Love it!

  5. how about "danza moderna"?
    great series of photos.

  6. There is a hip hop class in the same convenient location as the ballet one ... but these 2 parents aren't quite ready for that. Ballet is classic, it's simple, it's leaping, it's discipline. When I think of hip-hop, I think of girating, undisciplined freedom. Also, I've seen the costumes and moves of the kids in the classes when they've performed at local sagre.
    Not going there, yet ... at least not until the kiddo requests it, adamently.

    Non-competitive gymnastics is fabulous.