22 October 2011

keeping up with the rossi's

I have a seven-year-old second grader who has not once asked for anything for her wardrobe. Never. The few times that I've taken her shopping with me she has remained unimpressed, and only once has she requested something while even in the store, with my urging that she select something. (For the record, I hated it.) In fact, it is even quite rare that she'll refuse any clothing or shoes that I select for her. I hear stories from friends about their daughters (and even some sons) and, well, I'm thankful for this little fact. My sister's daughter is much the same way; she is equally appreciative.

For the first time ever, Young One asked for a specific item of clothing:  "a coat with a furry hat, just like all the other kids in the class have." Hooray!  Of course you can have the coat you want, my sweet girl.  And then a couple of days later she added, "But it has to be the super-soft hat, Mamma." Translation = fur-lined hood. It is quite the fashion trend in these parts, these (real) fur-lined hoods.

I obliged.
I shelled out the bucks for this extravagant coat (even though she has a perfectly good ski coat from last year.) The winter is long here, so long and grey. EVERYONE has one.

She is very happy with her new furry hooded down coat.

Don't judge.
I had a multi-colored rabbit coat when I was her age. Didn't you?
Well, then you missed out, my friend.


Rossi -- most common Italian surname according to this site, which I found with a random Google search -- may or may not be credible.


  1. sadly, I missed out. and I fear it's too late now for me to wear a multicolored rabbit coat.

  2. No, my mom was to practical and I think I had an ugly blue grey down coat. Wished I had the rabbit fur coat though. So glad you bought it for her. Very adorable!