20 October 2011

updated & thoughts on color

There are a million different things I should have been doing after a still-recovering Young One fell asleep early and Richard was out for a night doing manly things, leaving me alone for nearly two complete hours in a quiet and chilly house on the cusp of the weekend.

Don't go thinking I was about to waste my solitude on the laundry or the dishes, or even on my great homemade Christmas gifts project, my friends.

Instead, I updated from this ...

to this ...

I've been having a love affair with these colors for the past couple of years; it's about time I get them on this space. Now, to get that mustard yellow on my walls in place of the noncommittal pastel yellow courtesy of my Italian painter who was convinced I absolutely did not want anything darker three years ago. Guess what? I found a new painter. He likes color. Despite this lovely fact, he just finished painting our basement ... white! Aghhh. Could this be the reason for the sudden need to add these colors here? To use my time so wisely. Help me.


  1. I think your new header is beautiful! I wish I could be so talented.

  2. Kelleyn,
    It's amazing easy, once you get the hang of it. I use Photoshop in my job, in an extra-curricular that was "thrust upon me," so I learn a lot by trial and error.

  3. Love the new banner, beautiful colors and pattern! Perhaps you need a new, new painter.

  4. I love it, you designed a gorgeous header, but it's not "amazing easy" at all. I'm still battling with everything photoshop, and the frustration is far greater than the rewards. I couldn't even possibly master a white-wall header!
    Hope everyone is well and healthy there!

  5. Thank you both. I think that this painter will work out once I (rather than RIchard) am the one choosing the colors. The basement will be his "man cave," where he'll hang out with other manly beasts and watch sporting events and drink copious amounts of beer. He'll set up a home brewing area and decorate with bottle caps, team flags, and neon flashing signs.

    Okay. . . so maybe not.