03 November 2011

conversations with young one

While flipping through our Apple TV, searching for a sick-day movie for Young One and I to view together, I happened upon the trailer for the movie Beginners. We watched it. We love the trailer feature of Apple TV, and, at times, spend more time engaged in previews than in movies. Go figure.

Young One: Mamma, do you want to watch that movie? People die in that movie.

Me: It's a movie for adults, and, yes, I think Dad and I may watch it eventually.

Young One: Yeah. In my cartoons people die all the time, but they always come back to life.


Young One: Just like Jesus.


Yep. Just like Jesus.

We chose to watch Richie Rich, a movie from 1994 with themes that apply today. You know, just like Jesus.


  1. ha! this made me laugh out loud. :)

  2. Oh, she has been particularly on fire lately. . .

  3. We have been having some pretty interesting religious discussions around here too. Must be the age. Never seen the beginners. Hope it is good.

  4. Oh, my! This sounds like a conversation that would happen in our living room.