02 November 2011

corner view

corner view :: dream

Is there still such a thing as the "American Dream"?

Spend some time at this site & tell me what you think:  We Are the 99%.


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  1. I don't know about the American Dream. But could it be that that 99% is still better off than the vast majority of the world population at this moment in time? (it's a question, I don't have the answer).

  2. How sad that it has to be expressed as a dream.

  3. I'm absolutely impressed by this movement and still hope it will increase pressure on governments and financial world to stop their crazy juggling and gambling with unsubstancial amounts of money. There are already similar movements in Europe and I keep my fingers crossed that all of the 99% will stand up and raise their voices!

  4. Sobering. We have many struggling in our county and nearby counties. If it weren't for free breakfasts and reduced or free lunches many of our students would not eat. Many of our teachers struggle and work extra jobs. It's tough beyond words.

  5. You know, Francesca, I suppose when you put it that way. . .
    But, it is telling when the educated youth of the richest (is it?) country in the world are protesting bc of the promise of a bright future is vanishing.

  6. Great link, Dana.

    The American Dream is hopefully re-inventing itself, as is the Grumpy Old Man called Europe.

    This in itself is of course painful for all involved, but it must be done.

    As we call upon our governments to improve their "business models", we should also call upon ourselves to improve on our relation with others, especially those in oppressed countries.

    Giant steps forward are not at hand. But tiny steps, yes, and preferably tiny steps for all 7 billion inhabitants of this earth.