01 November 2011

the dark side

Last year she chose to be a mean witch, and this year she took it a step further with the choice of vampiress. It was a toss-up between vampiress and Michael Jackson for a few weeks. Evil won, I suppose.


And once again she played the role quite well, staying in character for most of the evening...well, at least for the photos.

halloween halloween2

I think we have moved permanently to the dark side of Halloween, where ghouls and goblins and witches and vampires seek out princesses and lady bugs and piglets and Luigi's only to work their evil ways. I wonder if we are being politically incorrect or somehow inappropriate because as I hop around Facebook and blogland, I don't see many kids in scary costumes. I have one thing to say about that ...


Be afraid. Be very afraid. Baaaaaahhhhhhaaaaaaa!
But really though, how scary is a vampiress with over-sized dentures and a long strand of pearls?


  1. I am terrified! I better watch out! Glad she had a great time.

  2. princesses on halloween?! do you remember what happened to jack skellington when he tried to become santa - the dark side is the way to go on halloween!

  3. She looks great! Her costume is perfect and she's obviously thrilled! I love it!

    (And don't tell my girls, but I'm a little jealous. I'm ready for them to rough it up in the costume department for a change. At our house it's princess, princess, always princess. Maybe next year I can convince Katherine to be a princess's ghost or something. What do you think?)

    Happy Halloween!

  4. LOL! i think she looks fabulous!! i guess i don't see many scary costumes in blogland, but i do among my facebook friends, and also out on the streets on halloween. :) actually was wondering this year when/if my kid will make the transition to scary!