28 November 2011

corner view

corner view :: joy

school of stuffed animals

The paper sign hanging on the stair railing reads:  "School of Stuffed Animals." Today's lesson was about 15th Century Venice, probably because it was the book in closest proximity to the action. Although this is school, it's not really about the subject, anyway. No way. It's about being the teacher. The boss.


Can you believe that each of those pupazzi has a name -- Porky, Busi, Bun Bun, Green Apple, Baby GaGa, Neve, Gracie, Lola, Red Red, UUAA (the sound a gorilla makes, naturally)...etc. Can you believe I know the names of most of them?

And when I have to give pause to complete simple mental math, or when I write "chose" when I mean "choose," I blame it on this type of trivia which now inhabits my brain and pushes learn-ed things further into the abyss, into the grey matter of the person I used to be.

Hey, I'm okay with that. Having a front row seat to this childhood is an unparalleled JOY for me. It's my most important work, afterall.


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  1. nice post Dana. joyful trivia is better than grammar ones :)

  2. This reminds me of similar scenes from our daughters childhoods.

  3. I love the cat overseeing it all :o)

  4. love this joyful post. xo

  5. I love how your cat is sitting behind the Girls: he looks like a head teacher, supervising if the lessons is going well :)
    It truly is a joyful and precious moment Dana! Thank you for sharing!

  6. I'd like to teach to that class, for a change! It would indeed be a joyous experience.

  7. I can't believe you know all the names. I was just like that when I was little. The stuffies were my babies.

  8. I do know most of the names beause she plays with these animals nonstop. She brings them in the car, to the table, on sleepovers...and she refers to them only by name & gets a big spiffed if I don't know a name.

    She's a lot of fun right now.

  9. Great picture!

    Shrek looks like he could use a lesson on 15th Century Venice, but warn Young One -- I suspect he's a slacker.