27 November 2011

for hansel & gretel

gingerbread1 Gingerbread House gingerbread4

A few things:

:: Upon completion of this year's masterpiece, Young One said, "I think mine is exaggerated, Mom." I assured her that it was perfect, simply perfect. Well, okay, maybe it isn't simple...but it sure is perfect ;)

:: This year I decorated a house alongside her. By the end of the day, she told me that I needed to just stop using so many bad words. 

:: She LOVES this annual holiday season project.

:: It's a fabulous use of candy from previous seasons; there are lots of jelly beans from Easter and many Halloween candies on this year's house. I hide those candies after a couple weeks of the holiday, and she never misses them.

:: Though she loves this project, the icing is still too frustrating for her (evidently for me, too), so I just cover the entire pre-built structure in icing and let her complete the rest.

:: It's not as random as it appears. The symmetry of the roof, the licorice bench, the chocolate door...these were all very deliberately choosen.

:: I let her drive the entire time. This year she took it to full speed.

Previous Houses:
Circa 2010

We are ready for the holiday season in this house :)


  1. hansel & gretel will love it! :)
    my boys tell me the same (to stop using so many bad words) when I'm driving.

  2. enjoyed seeing this year's house! yours looks wonderful. ;) that icing is definitely a bear-my language would probably be the same. we'll probably end up doing gingerbread houses again too. *sigh* maybe this is the year it won't end in tantrums (please, please, please)????

  3. I like the how you incorporated the other holidays into the creation of your gingerbread house. It is perfect!

  4. She did a great job! It's so colorful and pretty; you've *almost* inspired me to try one!

  5. How adorable! I wanna be a kid!!

  6. Just beautiful! And so completely adorned like only a child could do. Love the Hershey's (? where did you get Hershey's?)door and candy corn roof line. We've been invited to our neighbors for a gingerbread house decorating afternoon. I'm quite looking forward to it. It is such a treat to be a guest!

  7. It looks so so delicious!