14 November 2011

just me and my man & a little of the sweet life

Persimmons & Vines Colors of the Season From the Barolo Castle Wine Tasting in Barolo
Convent Hallway 

We escaped for a long weekend in the Langhe hills of the Piedmont region of Italy, where we leisurely drove through the hills for a glimpse of the end of the fall colors, stopping in small towns like Alba, Barolo, Dogliani, and Serralunga D'Alba. And we strolled, arm-in-arm pausing to sip Barolo's and Dolcetto's when the mood hit us. And we splurged on the intoxicating white truffles, or tartufi bianci. And we stayed in a beautifully renovated convent covered in frescoes. And we meandered through a wine museum housed in an old castle perched on a hill. (And we updated our Facebook walls with images of our journey, like giddy young people. Did you see it?) And we enjoyed the gift of being kid-free given to us by friends who took Young One in for the weekend.

Yellow Vines

There are times that I wonder when I'll wake up to the reality that I had once imagined my life would be ... Living in Italy is not all "La Dolce Vita" all the time, but when it is, there is nothing like it. Let me assure you of that, my friends.



  1. Oh what fun! That’s my vision of Italy, gorgeous! (Love the persimmons too!)

  2. Beautiful photos. It's a nice area for a dolce getaway.

  3. Good, good for you! A beautiful, romantic, adult weekend...sounds like a very good thing. Might need to start planning one of those ourselves...