16 November 2011

corner view

corner view :: where has the time gone?

Baby MD
Young One: 3 Months

Sorry. I just couldn't resist posting an infant pic. And while Richard and I often ponder that whole "Where has the time gone?" question, let me assure you that we have treasured each and every moment that this little turkey has been in our lives...even if we can't remember much from the first few years. Don't fret, I've got scrapbooks filled with fictional accounts of each and every precious moment, exactly as I remembered it -- two years later.

Young One: 7 Years & 4 Months

Holy Tornado, Batman! Where does the time go?


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  1. I did exactly the same for my Corner View :-) I am always saying "Where did the time go?" in relation to Brianna and how fast she seems to be growing up!

  2. The eyes are the same, brown and big. Beautifully.

  3. with having children time can certainly fly!!

  4. She was a adorable yesterday and grows more beautiful each day! Don't you wish you could just stop time for just a moment? xo

  5. I've got similar scrapbooks for my children! A good sized one for my eldest, a smaller for my middle boy and a tiny one for the youngest child ... :)

  6. it goes very fast with children, even though at the beginning some days seem endless!

  7. Haha, had two smile about those two. The baby's look yet so innocent and dear, the young stylish girl in contrast so bold and cool and self-confident! Look how fast they become people!

  8. ha ha. i love how you said 'exactly as i remembered it ... two years later' ! that is so true !!

    she is lovely, your girl.

    here is where the time has gone for me ... http://bonnie-simple-beauty.blogspot.com/2011/11/corner-view-was-created-by-jane-at.html

  9. I try not too think about the quick passage of time too much. It makes me a bit anxious. It is not that I want my girls to stay babies or little forever, it is just that I love us all together in one house. I love the closeness and the feeling of family when we're all together. I know we'll always be family but there is only a short time when we'll be A family. Have I made any sense?

  10. I love the way her baby-doll sweetness gave way to big-kid cool!

    But I hear ya: How on earth did that happen?