18 December 2011

2nd Grade, Class B, Does Gym


It's a rare occasion that parents are invited into the classroom at Young One's school. According to people I know (cause I'm so in the know), this is not unique to her school but is the practice in most Italian elementary schools. Or so I hear. That's what they say. Really, what do I know? We were all recently invited in for a peek!


Her physical education teacher is good at organizing special projects that either take the kids out of the school, like the swimming last year, or bring speacilists into the school for at least one of the quarters. This year started with a local gymnastics coach working with the kids during the twice weekly PE classes.

Students keep a pair of (indoor-only) gym shoes at the school.

Kids were happy. Kids were listening. Kids were moving.

No complaints here.

That's another thing that doesn't seem to happen frequently in Italian elementary schools either, complaints from parents over every and any little thing. Or so I hear...but what do I know?

The teacher watched her flock from the side, likely thinking that she's happy that she doesn't have to be the PE teacher, too.


  1. Good and healthy kids! :-) I should exercise too, these last days has been a lot about eating..! :-D

  2. Wow! That looks like fun, and the gym itself seems like a great space for the kids. How often do the kids have recess in Italian elementary schools? Now that K's in first grade, I find myself doing a lot of comparing and contrasting. :)

  3. Emily,
    All of the schools follow different schedules. M is in a full time, five day a week school. She's in class from about 8:15 to 3:45. During that time she has a morning snack break, which I think includes some time to run and jump, and then a much longer break after lunch. Lunch & the break together are about an hour and 30 minutes. On top of that, she has PE twice a week with a designated PE teacher...which is nice bc I hear that in some schools the PE gets pushed to the side when it's done by the main teacher.