19 December 2011

the final homemade gift

This is the last one, I promise: photo notecards!

This idea came to me from one of Richard's colleagues who gave him a set of these as a welcome gift when he visited her school this fall. Initially, I had hoped to make postcards or notecards with my images professionally printed onto them. I discovered that this would require using the same few images in multiple quantities. How ever could I choose?

photo cards 

So instead, I had some of my favorite images printed at MPix in both the 3.5 x 5 and 4 x 5 size on their metallic paper and then ordered notecards from the JoAnn craft site. With a regular ol' glue stick, I adhered the photos to the cards and then pencilled in a (sometimes cheesy) title and date on each one.

photo cards2 
photo cards3

I'll sort them into groups of five and bundle them and their envelopes with twine. I get the best feeling from this homemade gift because it signals a bit of confidence about my photography skills and allows me to give a part of me to others. I mean, these cards look really, really nice...and those are my photos. Finally.


I am now officially on break until after the new year. Richard and Young One (both start break next week) have just left the house, and I'm off to complete task number one for this week:  organizing and weeding the bookshelf in Young One's room. Oh, what an exciting life I lead!


  1. What a beautiful gift! I am sure those who receive these will be pleased.

  2. I had a similar idea ... except that I ordered 5" x 7" photos thinking that they'd be a good card-like size, imagine my surprise when I received them! Why, WHY doesn't the whole world use metrics?! :)
    Happy holidays!

  3. I love them! Funny about the bookshelf, that is on my hit list too ;)

  4. Francesca, The ones he received as a gift were 5x7, and frankly, not fabulous photos. I new from that that smaller would be better.

    Karen, Bookshelf accomplished & a trip to IKEA in the same day!

  5. gorgeous! funny, i always feel so much better about my photos once i see them in print!