19 December 2011

using children's artwork on the christmas card

A few years ago I received a card from a family that used a drawing of the manger scene by their young daughter as the artwork. Since then, I've wanted to so something similar and finally got my act together this year.  As I suspected, Young One was just delighted (and a bit proud) to see her artwork featured on our 2011 card.

card front
Christmas Card 2011
These were designed by moi and printed on 2-sided flat 4 x 5.5 notecards at Mpix. Young One created the digital art using a Wacom Bamboo tablet and Photoshop on my MacBook. I helped her a little with the layers in the Photoshop document, but she didn't need much assistance beyond that. Although Richard and I are pretty "techy," we don't allow or push it much with her and don't harbor fears that she'll be left behind. The tablet, like most 21st century consumer-level technology, is user-friendly, intuitive, and idiot-proof, as was clearly evidenced by the fact that my seven-year-old daughter could use it proficiently with just a little instruction. Photoshop CS5? Not so much!

The same effect could be achieved by simply scanning or photographing (in great light) child-created artwork. I know you have some good ones or could even likely commission a piece for the occasion!



  1. idiot-proof? maybe i can aspire to use it too!
    love your cards, you have a real eye for visual things - have you ever considered videography? :)

  2. Totally adorable! The boys had powder the first couple of days we were here and now we are waiting for it to snow either tonight or tomorrow. However, the boys are having a blast. They have made such good progress in becoming good skiers. I am a little jealous because I think they will be better skiers than me. At the same time it makes me super happy that we are blessed enough to provide them with this opportunity.

  3. The card looks great and I really love that you used her artwork! What a good idea!

    Merry Christmas!

  4. Beautiful! And your picture is so warm and happy too :) Merry Christmas!

  5. love it! one year when i was 3 or 4 my grandmother's christmas cards were nativity drawing i had done...i still think proudly on those cards!