29 December 2011

these final days of 2011

The final week of 2011 has been mostly low key, with moments of ...

Performing happy dances over surprises from Santa ...
z wii happy dance

Trying out new tools with an old friend, who happens to be a pasta-loving man, too ...

Welcoming new dolls and animals into the mix ...

Reminiscing with cherised friends from our early days in Naples (Has it been that long?) ...

And DANCING in the basement! Lots and lots of dancing!

We are in full-on vacation mode with late nights and late mornings, naps and afternoon espressos, books and movies, and lots of discussion of plans for 2012. Many of the opened gifts are still placed under the tree, the laundry pile is multiplying, the dust bunnies are gathering, and nary a proper meal has been prepared (minus the pasta one evening); I wouldn't have it any other way.


  1. Looks like you all had a great Christmas! The basement makeover will offer you lots more recreation space...Love to all and Happy New Year.....Grandma

  2. I have to say this week has been my favorite all year. Nothing we really have to do and the opportunity to be just with one another. Happy New Year!

  3. Enjoy the rest of your holiday. Have blessed New Year!!!

  4. Love the new banner, Dana! I was hoping to find the famous "American girl doll" here, but all I could find in the toy store was the French Corolle girl doll!!!

  5. THanks to all of you & a Very Happy New Year!