16 March 2012

about those sticky buns

I promised Young One and her friend who was spending the night with us homemade cinnamon rolls one morning. I goofed and the dough didn't rise, so I went quickly to Plan B. Not feeling the love for yeast after the first failed attempt, I used this quick & easy recipe instead, which is inspired by this one from (my favorite) Ina Garten.

Holy Sugar High, Batman!
What Bountiful Butter, Robin!

I couldn't resist with my camera because the light is so nice in my kitchen in the early morning ... and because they were so dang pretty. Enjoy!

Sticky Buns Sticky Buns Sticky Buns

And since the girls were expecting cinnamon rolls covered in white icing, I added a little to theirs. Sticky Buns Sticky Buns

I'm sure I'll be making these again, but a recipe that requires nearly two sticks of butter and a cup of brown sugar ... for just the filling and topping for only 12 sticky buns ... is likely to become only a special occasion kinda thing in our house. I even added the white sugar as was suggested in one of the recipes. I doubt there is much that can be done to make this healthy. Nope. Nothing at all. I wouldn't mess with this little taste of heaven, anyway.


  1. Some recipes are just too perfect to change. YUM!!

  2. Those look delicious! I didn't know you had to put them in so thin when youre taking them :o

  3. I don't like them sticky but like this: http://www.cavolettodibruxelles.it/2007/03/briochine-svedesi-con-cardamomo-e-cannella