20 March 2012

london calling

The London Eye eye3 tea3 scones phone palace guards changing dianna princess of wales wicked2

If you ever find yourself in London with six amazing girlfriends, then this would be a perfect way to spend the day: a late morning start with a quick stop for coffee, a ride on the Eye, shopping and tasting at Harrods, a reservation for a leisurely afternoon tea, a stroll to the palace through the garden, great seats for Wicked, and a glass or two of red to finish the evening. Oh, and the talking, the incessant talking and laughing. I think there might have been cackling...even at the tea, where one friend announced before we entered, "Now ladies, there is to be no cackling once we enter. This is a dignified affair, tea in London."

No doubt there are a thousand other ways to spend a Saturday in London, but this one worked just fine for us, just fine indeed.

PS. The entire room was cackling during the afternoon tea. Sure is good to be surrounded by women at times.


  1. love the rainy picture out of the Eye! Girl trips are the very best. Leaving on one myself - long weekend away with my quilting group!

  2. Can't imagine a better way to spend any Saturday afternoon!

  3. Katy...I envy your membership in a quilting group. It's one of those things that I REALLY want to accomplish - a quilt.

    Good times, Francesca.