28 March 2012

corner view

corner view :: where i live

Today I'm sharing after work Happy Hour "where I live" in the Colli Berici.

where I live6 

We arrive at the local watering hole....
where I live2

And find a place among the other patrons...
where I live 1

We enjoy a couple of adult beverages...
where I live3

And admire the view across from us...
where I live4 

And the view to our left...
where I live7

And the finest little Fiat 500 you ever did see.
where I live5

What's Happy Hour like where you live?


For more corner views, visit Francesca.


  1. I wasn't sure we would celebrate happy hour the same way, but we do!! Some places will give free nuts or appetizers during HH. Cheers!! xo

  2. You are one lucky girl! Counting down the days!

  3. You are making me miss Vicenza a lot! I recently moved back to the US (now living in DC) and would want more than anything to be in Italy again. Until that happens, I have to live vicariously through your photos...

  4. So, this is not Happy Hour in the American sense of the activity...but it is a place & time to relax for a bit. This particular place is a couple of miles from us; we often go here during the kiddos hour-long gym lesson nearby.

    It is a beautiful time of year here, John.

  5. What a lovely place to have a happy hour! How lucky you are to live in Italy. Such a beautiful country. We do have the little Fiats here in NZ though - and I am wanting one!!

  6. it really is a nice osteria.

  7. I'd love to join at least once, looks pretty relaxing.

  8. oh that looks so wonderful !!

    i lived in italy as a child and seeing the first picture took me back !

  9. Happy Hour was officially banned years ago, in an attempt to stop folks from driving home drunk. Unofficially it goes on of course.
    Such a beautiful setting.

  10. thanks for the nice stroll and aperitivo!

  11. where you live is so beautifull
    happy corner day

  12. This is a very nice area where you live. I love the Italian cities - fantastic.

  13. I'd like to share a drink with the two gentlemen with the hats.

  14. What a beautiful place to spend happy hour!

  15. What a beautiful place to spend happy hour!

  16. smiling and smiling. We love that place, too.

  17. Happy hour here in nothing like yours...
    What a God given blessing to sit and relax in such a beautiful place!

  18. Incredible! You are lucky girl.

  19. I'm not even sure our local pub does "happy hours" anymore... It's run as a second job by a guy who's away a lot on his first job.

    Beautiful setting!


    PS I've moved from Blogger to WordPress (www.flowtops.com)