26 March 2012

a few conversations with young one & evidence of spring in the paese

13/52 Fresh (Dana)

On identity and cultural differences ...
Young One: My teacher told me that we have a new kid in second grade, an American girl.
Me: Nice.
Young One: I don't know if she's really American because when I asked her in English if she was American, she answered, "Si." She could be Italian like me, though. But they call her "Mega."
Me: You're Italian, are you? Her name is probably Megan.
Young One: Mamma, I was born here! I'm Italian and American, an Italian with American parents. Anyway, I'll let you know if her mom is Italian when I see her today. Italian mammas are classical. American mammas wear flip flops when it's still cold.

lumignano spring4

About catechism class, which takes place in the paese after school on Fridays during Lent ...
Young One: I hate catecismo. Why do I have to go? Do they know that I visit the church every Friday morning with my class. Everything they try to teach me I already know and I have to pretend that I don't to be nice. And the room is crowded and noisy. And those kids are bad and loud. People shouldn't be forced to do things they don't want to do, you know.
Me: I see.
Young One: I mean. You can force kids to do things because you are the adult, but then you should expect the whining.

13/52 Fresh (Dana)

After the first formal piano lesson last week...
Young One: Once a week just won't do. I need piano lessons at least twice a week.

So excited for her.


  1. She is cheeky! I love that she says you should expect some whinning. Ouch! American moms are as your daughter puts it! I always wish I could be my friend Simona because she always looks fantastic. She is Italien.

  2. She is so observant. Love the flip-flop and the whining comment...both so true, so true.