11 March 2012

sunday morning guitar lesson & breakfast

guitar lesson

He came over at 9 this morning for a guitar lesson, but he really wanted the big American breakfast that he has shared with us a few times. Sadly, he was disappointed by the pecan sticky buns I wowed my husband with this morning; the boy wanted bacon & eggs & waffles & muffins & toast because in his seven-year-old Italian mind, that's what we Americans have every morning. Eventually, he settled for a bowl of Cheerios, with cold milk.


  1. how could he have not been impressed by sticky buns?!?! sounds like he has a sweet deal (breakfast included)

  2. Poor kid! An american breakfast when not a bowl of cereal must be a real treat. My in-laws when they come from Germany love American breakfast and always want me to make pancakes for them. Happy Sunday!

  3. I did make waffles this morning but perhaps I shouldn't confess that.