24 April 2012

conversations with young one

mad adn rich2 april 2012

I know you've had this conversation with a little person in your life at one time or another. You know, it's the one where he or she complains about something insignificant and you counter with a laundry list of reasons to be grateful: the family, the health, the home, the food, the friends, etc.

So this last time, Young One responded, "I know. You are right. I mean, it could be worse and I could be a hamster. Mamma hamsters eat their babies."

And, yes, she was very serious.


  1. Hah! Yes, that would be worse!

  2. So true, so true!...my brother had a hamster that ate her young...quite unfortunate.

  3. Haha! Or YOU could be a hamster. If they really eat their babies, from her vantage point that would be even worse still. Silly kid!

  4. I love this...both the shot and the conversation...glad your recorded both! Also glad you are not a Mama hamster :)

  5. She is silly.
    She often does this, leaving me unsure if she ever really gets the point of the lesson I'm trying to impart... or if she immediately stops listening and thinking it out on her own, thus ending with hamsters!