20 April 2012

how is the piano going, you ask ...

I took this brief video with my iPad while she practiced in the taverna. Through the advice of a friend, I've institued the timer as a part of the 10 to 15 minutes of "required" practice each day that we've instituted. I use the word "required" very loosely as some days neither of us has the energy for the fight she puts up.

I continue to use Alicia Keys, Michael Jackson, Madonna, and Adele as my motivators..."Surely they all know how to play the piano, Young One." If you know that to be false, please do not disclose that to my seven-year-old girl.

"Now is the time done?
Fifty more seconds.
Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah."

Timer Sounds.



That's how it's going.


  1. Haha! This gave me flashbacks to my own piano lessons. Good luck, Young One!

  2. too funny with the timer. I love her sassy little personality. She has so much spunk. Boy is she growing. have a great weekend. I off to pack.

  3. how about guitar instead? :)
    Boy #1 loved his piano lessons and practice, played for years, stopped this year when he started high school. Boy #2 wanted to start piano when his brother did, but he seemed too little (I think he was 5) and a bit of a waste of money, so we waited, and by the time he started he'd lost interest - we let him quit after a few months. Clearly, we our timing was terrible, but should have we "encouraged" him longer? .... do parents ever get it right?

  4. She certainly has spunk!

    Her dad is a music teacher, so I'm leaving those hard choices to him. I would have started her when she was four...he was the wise one who made me wait until she showed a keen interest. She is nearly 8 now. He is pretty adamant that she learn piano before any other instrument, but I think guitar may one day be in the cards for her. Because of him (and her) music is part of our lives daily. She's currently fond of singing & has a favorite ADELE song (Fire to the Rain)... which he conveinently found the music to and is now accompanying her on the guitar, almost on demand. He doesn't correct her when she's off pitch...just lets her belt it out. She's getting many a positive music experience, believe me.

    She'll be okay in the end, even if I get all Tiger Mom-like with the timer!


  5. Psstt...it's for the music theory that comes with piano lessons.