15 April 2012

mooring poles in venice

A place like Venice overwhelms me with her imagery. With such an abundance of interesting sights, I easily get lost in the attempt to record them all and, then, come home with too many photos to be able to handle, to be able to find the meaning or the memory. Umm....that's no good.

This visit I focused on the mooring poles of Venice, at least as I selected and edited. Having this focus helps me tremendously in selecting treasures to keep and others to delete.

Red and White Pole

The variety in size, shape and color of mooring poles that rise from the waters of Venice is quite interesting and an important part of the visual and functional landscape of the place. In fact, the poles whether brightly painted or left natural, or whether made of resin or wood, all seem to indeed be in place for a purpose -- parking, Venetian style!

I like that, when function and aesthetic exist in harmony while defining a place or thing.

Poles for Parking Blue and White Striped Poles
Fancy Orange and Blue Poles

A quick Internet search reveals that colors of poles once represented or corresponded with important Venetian families of the aristocracy, with each family having clearly marked, private parking, in a sense.  It's unclear if this is still the case today. (I think I just might need to find a printed book on this subject to get valid, reliable information.)

Regione Veneto Boat with Poles Pretty Little Poles Classic Scene with Poles

I've written previously that I'm not a big fan of Venice.
I think that my attitude may have just recently shifted....maybe.


  1. Gorgeous, gorgeous photos Dana - we MUST travel together! When? :)

  2. Grazie! Let's do make a date...but not until May, at least. I'll be here almost the entire summer. can you feel my excitement? It is ever so genuine.

  3. Came here after seeing your comment on the Haven in Paris blog post about expat schooling. Hi! :D I love the explanation for the name "3inGiro," and I love your photos of Venice! What a great blog you've got here. After a tumultuous and unfortunate relationship with Europe last year, you've got me wanting to return. ;)

    Alex, Readtainment