05 May 2012

pizza with papa'

impromptu pizza night <> may 1, 2012

pizza6 pizza5 18/52 Food (Dana) pizza7
pizza9 pizza8 pizza3 pizza11 pizza12

There's quite a bit that I could write to go along with this series of photos, but I think I'll just let the photos speak for themselves and take the opportunity to profess my gratitude to have this incredible man as the father of my one-and-only girl.



  1. The food look extremely delish! Yes, you are lucky to have a husband who is so good with their child. I am lucky too! However, many men do not spend so much time with their children.

  2. LOVE the pictures and the story. My favorite is of her reaching out the window to pick basil.

    1. Thank you. She was quite happy to help him. I like that he can "pull that rabbit out of his hat" at a moments notice. Hey, why don't we make pizza? And next thing you know, they are making pizza. It would take me HOURS of planning to pull that off.