11 June 2012

floral inspiration.


Many of the homes in the paese are bedecked with flowering plants at this time of year, making the place quite lovely. Among the favorites of the locals are geraniums and petunias.  The one house at the bottom of the hill, the one just past the pizzeria and across from the church, serves as my model of inspiration. The gazebo is gorgeous but so are the geraniums hanging from the second-floor balcony of the main house (not pictured here). I have a feeling that these geraniums are nurtured and brought back to life each spring.

Alas...I'm hoping that mine will be watered in my absence this summer and will still be alive in August! And, yes, I know that this is a lot to ask of neighbors and friends.


  1. Stunning! We put pots of red and white geraniums on our balcony a few weeks ago and they delight me; they look like SUMMER!

  2. geraniums don't really need all that water, I'm sure your neighbors will be happy to keep your flowers alive! the most stunning geraniums I ever saw where in Calabria: a HUGE bush (didn't even recognized it as geraniums at first), growing in the wild!