17 July 2012

caorle, italy

Caorle, Italy
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I'm trying to find the time and inspiration to write a post with some helpful details of our week at the seaside, but I'm not having much luck with that. We did spend a morning in Caorle, a lovely and colorful fisherman's village by the sea. We've lived in the Veneto region for nearly eight years now and continue to discover new places, places that enchant us, invite us to return, and make us eager to contact a realtor. "Wouldn't this be the perfect little town for a small place to retreat to during the year!" we agreed. Caorle is a mere ninety minutes from our home, and while I had heard of it from a friend or two, I couldn't image its charm. (Thank you, Michela, for finally getting me there!)

caorle towerCaorle, Italy
Caorle | Trattoria de Mauri


  1. LOVE the bicycle covered in fishing net!

  2. Replies
    1. Have you been, Daisey? There's a great campground right on the beach nearby.

  3. This town look darling! I love northern Italy!

  4. Colorful photos! Congrats! It's a pleasure to see them!