14 July 2012

talk of vasectomies @ the seaside

When you spend a week at the seaside with a girlfriend (and the children, always the children) there is much time for therapeutic "girl talk." And if you are a girl, then you know that this can range from breast cancer to the finances of friends who spend too much money to the planning of the next summer to opinions about baby carrots as a good snack food. It truly is a lovely and much-needed thing, this "girl talk," and it can reveal things that might not surface in everyday conversations.

Late one night this week we discovered that while I could easily rattle off the names of ten American men who I personally know who have had vasectomies, my Italian girlfriend could not name one Italian man.

Of course, "girl talk," includes at least an hour of exploring why this is so...but tell me, what do you think?



  1. She concluded that the Catholic church still determines many things in this country and birth control is a big "no-no," even though most women practice some form of birth control. I concluded that machismo is the culprit. She agreed to that, too.
    On a side note ... two of the men that I know then when on to have reversals and have beautiful children to show that it is indeed possible :)

  2. I've noticed that Italian's don't "alter" their pets either LOL.

  3. I can't name an italian who's had a vasectomy either, but I'm trying to think why I should care if any of the men I know have had one - perhaps they all did, and I omitted to ask during one of our conversations? :)

    1. But certainly their wives told you! There is no stigma attached to it, after all.

  4. I agree with you on the machismo bit! My husband thought he wouldn't be a man anymore if he had one. I ended up getting my tubes tied, but only because I had a c-section. I totally miss girl talk. Haven't talked on the phone for three months.