28 October 2012

weekend (-ing)

:: Our darling daughter invited the neighbors over for a pancake breakfast Saturday morning (without asking us first); I decided to introduce the concept of champagne brunch or Prosecco brunch, in this case. I think it was a bit of a surprise. The banana, pecan buttermilk pancakes topped with organic chocolate hazelnut spread were a perfect compliment to Prosecco at 10 am. We had a nice time catching up with a neighbor we haven't seen much lately. I think Young One has been missing her.

:: Young One hung out with friends at the annual Castagnata (chestnut roasting) at their school Saturday afternoon. Here we are, year three. I remember the awkwardness of attending this function in year one, of not knowing a soul. Things change. (I'm not sure why Richard looks pink in this photo!)

:: After the Castagnata we joined friends for dinner at their home. Richard initially thought my idea to bring chocolate chip cookies a bit too commonplace, but there is nothing common about this chocolate chip cookie recipe. I didn't have the special chocolate disks, but I did chill the dough, roast the nuts, and top each one with a sprinkle of sea salt. The adults and children LOVED them and asked to divide the extras equally among themselves at the end of the long evening.

:: Italians don't celebrate Halloween quite the way we do, but most are at least curious about our American holiday. Sunday Young One assembled treat bags for her classmates, and she insisted on Reese's peanut butter cups as one of the treats...hmmmm...not sure how well that will go over. Plans to carve pumpkins were stopped by the unending rain.


We did meet friends at the newly-opened Indian restaurant in Vicenza Friday night. I'll save my opinions about the food for after another visit or two. I can say that I was a bit put off by the fact that we were asked to give up our table after finishing our meal. "Okay, you are finished, now can you please leave, people are waiting." That doesn't usually happen here.

Would that bother you?


Buonanotte. It is still raining. The temperature is dropping. There has been lots of debate in our house lately on whether it is time to turn on the heat. The temperature has yet to drop below freezing at night = too early to pump up the heating!


  1. I guess it would only bother me if we had just finished our meal, but if we had been lingering for a while then most likely not because I can understand if they have limited table space. I wonder if her classmates like the peanut butter cups. My kids love them, but I am almost too scared to pass them out any more due to the peanut allergies. Which reminds me that I need to go get some candy that doesn't have peanuts in it because we have a couple children in the neighborhood who are allergic. Happy Halloween! Glad you had a wonderful weekend!

    1. Peanut allergies dont seem to be a much of an issue here.

      I was just peeved with the restaurant...should they be expected to follow the local culture? I'm over it but likely won't expect to dine there in the evening for a bit! Maybe just lunch for no.

  2. it's 5 degrees here, and i just heard it's only going to get worse. i knew that already, because Tom left this morning! (short trip, hopefully he'll be back in time to shovel the snow :))
    I too made a version of chocolate chip cookies yesterday, and because I never follow the recipe too closely, this time I added some chestnut flour - oh, they're delicious!
    Happy beginning to a new week Dana!

  3. Must know...did you use cake & bread flour for your cookies?? Gotta try those...wow