17 January 2013

@ the italian primary school :: {eleven}

Just a peak into a couple of third grade notebooks...

Division Problems in Math

States of Matter in Science

Young One (consequently, us too!)  has been studying like a mad woman for exams at school this week...in third grade. The math and science seemed like a breeze compared to the geography. Oh, the geography: plate tectonics, erosion, fluvial plains, glaciers, flora and fauna at different elevations.  I kid you not. We are all SO looking forward to this weekend, when we will collectively refuse to crack a book; unless, of course, the Maestra says she we she (Who is it, anyway?) must. Of course. Help me.

I don't have memories of adults being so involved in my third grade studies. I'm not sure if that is because I didn't study or because they just weren't involved or because I just don't remember. It's been a while, you know. While we generally keep loose tabs on her schoolwork, these last couple of weeks have been quite intense, with Richard doing most of the studying with her. I'm just relieved that it is over and that this is not the daily norm, yet. Poor kid told me her hands got sweaty before one of the tests. I assured her that it has happened before and will happen again. It's a long road ahead of her.


  1. it's crazy, and it's all worthless, at least according to this: http://www.newyorker.com/online/blogs/comment/2012/12/comment-podcast-todays-assignment.html

    1. Wow. So many ideas presented in that brief article. I, of course, have opinions about all of them...both as an experienced teacher and a somewhat inexperience homework helper (parent)! I think I'll be sharing it with a couple of colleagues tomorrow, as the homework debate is a hot one among my peers. One very important part of all of this that is not addressed in the article is the issue of kids NOT doing homework. Imagine...it happens, a lot and adds yet another layer to the issue.

      And, yes, I do want the time for all those "fun" after school activities as well as time to just RELAX, to just BE. I have a feeling a choice to continue in the Italian system will not permit this...just a hunch.

      I did like this quote:
      "Americans have an egalitarian approach to inequality: they want everyone to have an equal chance to become better-off than everyone else. "

  2. Oh, Dana... I looked at the first photo and I felt weird stirrings in my stomache. It's still few years until Gaia starts school but I'm already panicking who's going to help her with homework. I've forgotten so much!

    Best of luck for your Girl!


    1. It will all come back to you. If I can learn Italian division, anything is possible!