21 January 2013

service, sedaris, and metropolitain

While I heard the call to service on this Martin Luther King, Jr. federal holiday, I chose to ignore it and focus on a bit of purging and organizing in our home instead. I found comfort in the aloneness of this task and played some This American Life episodes to keep me company, one of which had me laughing out loud, so much so that I listened to it twice and only laughed harder the second time around. 

I'm sharing it here, along with some photos of the Paris metro from our recent trip. Much like the tourists mentioned in Act 3, we loved the convenience of the Paris metro; I hope the similarities stop there!

It's a short twelve minutes, and if you have ever lived outside of America, I bet it will have you laughing out loud as well. 

"David Sedaris tells the story of a subway ride he took in Paris. Two American tourists mistake him for a Frenchman and, thinking he can't speak English, begin to talk loudly about how he smells. Later, they come to believe that he's a pickpocket. He starts off hating this, but comes to enjoy it. The story's from his book Me Talk Pretty One Day."

This last nighttime shot is a metro stop near the Louvre....so pretty and unexpected. No comment on the shoes. He has feet issues, so he gets a pass, sometimes.

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