26 January 2013

Tabasco Spotting

I'm quite certain that the American product that I see with the most frequency throughout Europe is Tabasco sauce. That's besides Coca-Cola and the ubiquitous product that is the American entertainment industry, of course. The little red, green and white bottle: Tobasco, it is everywhere I go.  The very common little bottle that is in the pantry of every Louisianian I know and on the table of every restaurant I've visited in Louisiana -- it's in LOTS of other places as well.

Tabasco / 60 ml / Super A&O / Longare, Italy / January 24, 2013

Since I've taken note of it some years ago, I've felt this strong (albeit silly) desire to document it...I know, I know. BUT...this is my blog and if I feel inspired to start of collection of Tabasco spottings, well, so be it. I don't blame you if this leads you to finally break ties with me once and for all!

I hope to provide photographic evidence of the little red bottle, starting with the photo above which was taken at a grocery store near my home in northern Italy. There it sits right between soy sauce and salmon pate'.

First Cousins / Avery Island, LA: Home of Tabasco / July 2010


  1. I think this is totally worth documenting! the stuff is darn good, is it originally from your home state?

    1. You are very kind to humor me! And, yes, it is made in LA...even if some of the peppers are now imported.