04 February 2013

4th Annual International Kids' Carnival at La Biennale

It's Carnevale season and that happens to be a big deal around these parts, these parts being the Veneto region, home of Venezia. Sunday we took the train into the city for a bit of the festivities, spending most of our time at La Biennale.

"The International Kids’ Carnival is an important Educational project of La Biennale di Venezia, the goal of which is to inspire the creativity and participation of children with performances, exhibitions, workshops, the creation of masks and costumes, to stimulate the direct involvement of the participants. All the activities will be supervised by the Educational Team of La Biennale." - from the website

The festival runs until 12 February 2013 and is an absolutely perfect way to spend a day with children in Venice during the Carnevale madness. The program provides the details (even in English), including the best way to reach the museum. These two artsy 8-year-old girls loved every minute of the experience. Admission is absolutely free!


  1. what a great idea for kids!

  2. What an awesome opportunity!

  3. That looks amazing! lucky you all for living so close to venice!

  4. always so many good reasons to go to venice! :)

    1. This was a lovely event for children hosted by the museum staff. I hope to be able to make it to the 5th annual.