31 January 2013

January 2013 #3ingiro365

January 2013 highlights included a ride on the Roue de Paris at the Place de la Concord; a visit to a local art exhibition held in the Basilica Palladiana; the purchase of a first "real" guitar for Young One & much progress for her on the piano; a birthday celebration for Richard; an evening in the theater to see Momix's newest, Alchemy; and success in the kitchen with a king cake. And, oh, we finally discovered Downton Abbey and have quickly become addicted, thanks, in part, to the convenience of Apple TV.

For the last couple of years I have tried desperately to participate in 365 projects; last year I even tried a 52 (weeks) project with a lovely group of photographers on Flickr. I failed miserably each year.

I am trying again.
This time, I'm using an iPhone and Instagram, and I think I've found my niche.
Quick and easy...and lots of fliters to hide the flaws.
Actually, I've embraced the imperfection.
A giant leap for me.
Admittedly, a leap made possible by an upgrade to the iPhone.


  1. January looks like a good start to the New Year! Can't wait to see what February brings!