12 February 2013

finally some snow @ home

A few months ago I purchased a second hand snowman kit and have been waiting patiently for the oppurtunity for Young One and friends to put it to good use.  I know you are probably thinking that I should allow them to be creative in finding their own bits and pieces to bring him to life, allowing their little minds to blossom. I mean, what if they wanted a snowwoman? And certainly I shouldn't promote tobacco with a pipe!  It could have been a perfect match -- physical activitiy with creative thinking; instead we have quite possibly the most perfect snowman in the province of Vicenza.

The kids love him.
Today he will melt away.
Easy come, easy go.

I just hope we can salvage the bits and pieces for the next snowman. And don't you worry, these are (mostly) "free-range" children who have lots of chances to think creatively and problem solve while not under the watchful eye of adults. They've even been known to walk down to the corner grocery, unsupervised.

It's a school holiday. Lighten up.

Happy Mardi Gras :)


  1. :))) store bought can be so good sometimes!

  2. Can You send a little our way! My boys would be thrilled. Don't think it is going to happen since the cherry trees are blooming.

  3. Happy Be-lated Mardi Gras and Happy Snow! And I love the snowman in all of his finery, especially that pipe!