09 February 2013

Tabasco Spottings

Tabasco / 60 ml / Interspar / Borgo Berga Vicenza, Italy / January 27, 2013

We made a stop at a new grocery store on the way home recently, and there it is, snuggled between the Lea & Perrins and the Soy Sauce. I was delighted to find the jar of Crostino Toscano above it, a favorite in our house. While I'd much rather consume it while visiting Tuscany, the stuff in the jar is an acceptable substitute for us between visits. It's essentially chicken liver pate'...Young One will fight you for the last piece of bread covered with it, believe me. I doubt she knows a thing about Tabasco. I'll have to work on that.

Live Oak Tree / Avery Island, LA / Home of Tabasco / July 2010

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