12 June 2013

corner view

corner view :: Europe

Did you know that the US government operates cemeteries on foreign soil? That they exist in the European countries of France, Italy, Belgium, England, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands? (They are in countries outside of Europe as well.)

I once visited the Rhone American Cemetery in Draguignan, France for an American Memorial Day Service. It was moving, to say the least.


The American Battle Monuments Commission manages the overseas cemeteries and monuments. I hear a job with them is a pretty good gig. Info is on the website.

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  1. I bet attending that ceremony was moving indeed! Thanks for sharing, I had no idea about these far-off US cemeteries!

  2. I didn't know that! still, shouldn't all souls rest together, disregarding nationality? probably because i'm not terribly patriotic, i find the idea of carrying the borders on into the after life a little, hmm, "alien" :)

  3. Beautiful! I once saw a documentary on the cemetaries owned by the United States. It was pretty cool. I would love to go to Normandy and see the graves.

  4. Beautiful moment... The past, the present and the countries are close...

  5. It's true there are many American cemeteries in France (very large ones in Normandy). It seems that it's very impressive and full of emotion. If I go to Normandy one day, I think I will go visit one maybe because it's a time that my grandparents have experienced.