26 July 2013

summer 2013 :: nyc

We are all surviving in a haze since we've returned to Italia. Last night we met some visiting friends and some newbies for an evening together and didn't leave their place until after 1 am. Hello. I'm quite certain that we overstayed that welcome. Thank goodness for the vino. It all led to further haze today.

It has been impossible to get things done here. I can't remember how we survived the sleepless nights of Young One's infancy while both working full time. Mamma Mia. Last night I met a woman who is expecting twins in a couple of months. The newbie. Two babies. New home. Does that equal twice the amount of missed sleep? I think I will light a candle for her soon. Or two. She might need the whole dang selection of candles in all the nearby churches. No worries. This is Italy. There is no shortage of churches. Or perhaps I should say a prayer to the patron saint of sleep. Who might that be? Dio Mio.

I finally connected my camera to my laptop.
Little Italy in NYC was not what I wanted it to be. Disappointed. I still couldn't pass up the photo op. It was easy to pass on the restaurants, though. You probably should, too.
By the way...she HAD to have the florescent shirt. That's my girl.

See you soon.

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