15 August 2013

today in the paese

Even with the beautiful spring-like weather, the paese is pretty empty today. Okay, I think that perhaps Young One and I are the only ones here, celebrating the important holiday the way foreigners are wont to do... all wrong. We should be baking at the seaside or trekking high in some mountain valley, alas, my husband is at work, yes, WORK! today. The kiddo and I declined requests to join friends at the seaside and settled on a trek through our Colli Berici  this morning. We have tentative plans that include him this evening.

And from the streets of the paese...not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse.

Yep. I live here.
Yep. I know how lucky I am.
Yep. I made {mostly} good choices when I was a young person to facilitate my good fortune.
Yep. I believe in that. I also wish everyone had the same opportunities life has given me.

Buon Ferragosoto!

PS. Can you believe these photos are from my iPhone? I love that thing.


  1. Sometimes one just wants to be home! Labor Day is coming up and I can't decide whether I want to stay home or go to the beach. Hubby and oldest are going to key west to go scuba diving, so what to do is the big question????

    Yes, good decisions do facilitate a fantastic life! Never to late either to make good decisions.

  2. it must be a nice feeling to know that.
    i'm not sorry i missed ferragosto this year, when our beaches and towns get packed with tourists of the worse kind.